Kodi Yandex Music


Yandex Music Plugin for Kodi.

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[Unofficial] Yandex Music Kodi plugin


  1. Download plugin zip file from repository
  2. In Kodi open Settings->System->Add-ons
  3. Allow Unknown Sources
  4. Open Settings->Add-ons->Install from ZIP file
  5. Select downloaded plugin zip file
  6. That’s all. You are awesome!


All features will be available after login only.

Start plugin and select Login option. Provide your login and password. Plugin doesn’t store password. Yandex will generate token. It can be found in plugin settings.


based on yandex-music python library by MarshalX


Version 0.0.35

Radio and stream code refactoring and cleanup

Version 0.0.34

Stream by track fixes

Version 0.0.30

Radio fixed

Version 0.0.29

Stream from track, album, artist

Version 0.0.28

Smart playlists update fixed

Version 0.0.27

Get cover image crash fixed

Version 0.0.26
  1. codec option added
  2. high res option added
  3. auto download option added